Welcome back it's that weekly podcast that hits once every 3 months. It's your boy doug here, we're all trapped inside but fear not! Myself and my mai...View Details

Alright here it is folks, the newest episode of the podcast. I'm uploading this off my phone and it's already messed up on me twice so I'm typing this...View Details

Wowee zowee do we have a great episode this week. The guest is the great Marito Antonio Lopez. We talked about a bunch of wild stuff like our ice box ...View Details

Episode 46 - Dan Pearce

Help me I'm a real boy who's trapped in this description box! I don't know how this happened. Maybe it's when I refused to get out the blue seat on th...View Details

Welcome back to every single person on the planets favourite podcast, thats right eat your silly hat Joe Rogan because Koninquiries is back and more h...View Details

Episode 44 - Alex Allan

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast I missed you where were you I've been waiting all night?! This episode features the very funny Alex All...View Details

Episode 43 - Lewis Moulds

Hello there valued fans and patrons, it is I your wise and big dicked leader Doug back with another fine episode featuring comedian Lewis Moulds. Ol' ...View Details

Episode 42 - Kanin Kuntz

Whuddup Kon-Heads, it's your favourite podcast back with another installment featuring the hilarious Kanin Kuntz! He talks about why he hates mayors, ...View Details

Episode 41 - Amar Singh

Hey there Kon-Heads (that's your name now) The newest episode is here and it's with my pal and hilarious comedian Amar Singh, we talk about life, love...View Details

Welcome to the newest episode of the podcast! On this episode we have my good friend/former roommate Tim Nicholson. We gab like gals about our time to...View Details

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